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Latest News: We @ MWTS are euphoric and excited to share this wonderful development of our new technology / product launch, the ULTRA series of Membrane filtration module-Ultra-KLEAN-PF/PV. MWTS commissioned 1200 KLD Ultra-KLEAN-PF system in a leading F&B customer site in South India for process condensate organic reduction application.


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Builds & Operates all types of Water & Wastewater treatment plants in different Industries ranging from 20m3/day to 6000 m3/day.


Reliable & Pre-engineered products for all applications & different capacities of Water treatment plants are manufactured & delivered in a short cycle.

Our High Speed Floating Aerator are designed to achieve maximum oxygen transfer and minimum energy consumption. This has been accomplice by designed the aerator to be an externally efficient axial flow pump.  View more...

Primary Clarifier: The flocculated effluent will enter into the circular primary clarifier made of RCC construction through centre feed pipe. The clarifier has circular geometry and has drive mechanism...  View more...

The secondary sludge from sludge holding tank will be fed to sludge thickener (for secondary) which further increases the concentration of the solids. The thickener shall be made of RCC...  View more...

The coagulant shall be added into the flash mixer to destabilize the charge of particles which are present in suspension. After charge destabilization the particles will come together...  View more...

Olyelectrolyte will be added as a flocculants. The floc formation of suspended solids takes place in the flocculation tank. The effluent further transferred to primary clarifier...  View more...

We present a broad spectrum of packaged sewage treatment systems to handle domestic and industrial sewage originating from industrial residences, small and medium industries.  View more...

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Recent Development

Murugappa Water Technology and Solutions (MWTS) has provided more than 100 clarifiers to various large water & wastewater treatment plants. Combined with the vast experience of Manufacturing, Murugappa Water Technology and Solutions (MWTS) has started to offer a wide range of water/wastewater treatment chemicals which are key in enhancing the treatment efficiency of the clarification systems. The product range covers Coagulants, Flocculants, color removal chemicals which are picked according to the nature of the water/ wastewater, tested on the field, and presented to the client as a package treatment solution.

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