Flash Mixer

The coagulant shall be added into the flash mixer to destabilize the charge of particles which are present in suspension. After charge destabilization the particles will come together to and form flocs. The chemical addition helps the suspended matter to coagulate and improve the efficiency of suspended matter removal. The suitable coagulants are chosen. The mixing shall be carried out in flash mixing tank with the help of agitator.


  • MOWS Flash mixers are specially designed and fabricated for the process requirement of water and wastewater treatment.
  • The mixer design ensures efficient, minimum energy consumption and long life
  • This equipment blends coagulants and other chemicals with water / wastewater prior to flocculation.
  • The aggressive agitation results in instantaneous and effective mixing of chemicals.
  • This unit is also useful for general mixing.
Flocculator & Agitators

Olyelectrolyte will be added as a flocculants. The floc formation of suspended solids takes place in the flocculation tank. The effluent further transferred to primary clarifier


  • Flocculator provides gentle agitation by slow moving paddles.
  • This action serves to break up the mass rotation of liquid and promote mixing.
  • The specially designed flocculating paddles enhance flocculation of the feed solids.
  • Agglomeration of the destabilized colloids is achieved as a result of particulate transport in the flocculation compartment.
  • Increased particle contact will promote floc growth and aids faster settling.