Thickener Mechanism

The secondary sludge from sludge holding tank will be fed to sludge thickener (for secondary) which further increases the concentration of the solids. The thickener shall be made of RCC structure. The sludge thickener will have circular geometry and has drive mechanism, access platform, rake arm mechanism mounted on it. The supernatant rises up in thickener and flow over the overflow weir and gets collected into the equalization cum neutralization tank. The underflow of thickener contains thickened sludge which will be collected into the centrifuge feed tank by gravity.


  • Developed to produce a denser and thicker sludge.
  • Substantially reduces the plant requirement for solid handling.
  • High torque balanced drives and rugged structural raking arms.
  • Assure continuous operation during peak solids loading without operator attention.
  • Maximum under-flow concentrations for optimum solids.
  • Equipped with special arms for dense slurries.