Ultra Filtration System

UF membranes reject or separate high molecular weight solutes as well as suspended solids, colloids, and macromolecules. They readily pass water and low MW dissolved solids such as salts and sugars

Key Features

  • Membranes specially formulated from modified PES or PVDF, a hydrophilic, chemically stable polymer
  • Highly resistant to chlorine, chloramines, and sodium hypochlorite
  • Membranes operate in an "outside-in" mode of filtration
  • Low fouling property
  • Integrated CEB system
  • Integrated CIP system
  • PLC Automation system
  • Air scouring - For effective backwash (Optional)


  • Effluent recycling
  • Recovery of valuable particles from industrial waste
  • Sea water desalination pre-treatment
  • Post / Pre Ion Exchange column for colloidal silica removal